How To Walk More Elegantly And Gracefully

Published: 26th July 2010
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I believe high-heeled shoes are every woman's best friends in their daily life. Every woman has a pair of fashion high-heeled shoes in their shoe cabinets. We have already wore fashion high-heeled shoes many times. However, we still can't avoid hurting our feet. When we wear high-heeled shoes, the pression of our feet will increase, causing the fatigue of our legs. If you have wore more than 6cm heels shoes for a long time, then it's bad for your health. Wearing this style shoes will cause a lot diseases of our feet such as helosis, sciatica,displacement of the spine, varicose vein of lower extremity and so on. If you want to avoid those diseases, then you'd better to learn some tips on to make you don't worry about those problems and also can make you walk more elegantly or gracefully. I can tell you a simple way to help you avoid those questions. It's that when you're walking, you'd better not to walk with the heel of the entire foot, on the contrary, your tiptoe should land first. Only in this way can you walk more smoothly and elegantly. Of course, when you wear high-heeled shoes, you will find that you heel is heavier, so you will place your heel land first, then it will save you a lot time, but after a long time, your body will lose balance. There are some skills to help you wearing high-heeled shoes more easier.

1. Don't wear high-heeled shoes of equal height to avoid squeeze one place of your feet too often in your daily life.

2. When you sit down, you should bend your feet first, then stretching your legs gently. To maintain this posture for 30 minutes and don't lift your legs will make your feet relaxation.

3. You should pull yourselves in there when you wear high-heeled shoes. To be natural and generous with steady steps. It's not suitable for you to bend your waist and back. And also you shouldn't walk fast. The most important point for you is that you cannot climb mountains and hills.

4. You should take good care of your feet in your daily life and develop the habit of bleb feet heating up before sleep. Proper massage is needed.

5. You should notice the occasion when you wear a pair of higher heeled shoes. If on a crowded bus or in an uneven road, you shouldn't wear this style shoes. Keep in mind, this style shoes are designed for the special occasions such as a ball or party and so on.

6. When you want to buy some fashion high-heeled shoes, you should notice those higher heeled shoes. Some of them have a significant meaning when you wear at a special time. You should pay more attention to those shoes since it's unnecessary for you to wear them in your rest time.

7. You'd better continuous rest when you wear high-heeled shoes. When you rest, tilting your toe and stretching your legs is good for your feet.

8. Don't wear high-heeled shoes barefootedly. It's harmful for the skin of your feet.

9. When you wear the pointed toe high-heeled shoes, you should move your toes when you have a time against over squeeze at the same site.

10. When trimming your toenails, you should not be too hard to prevent the nail infection.

11. When you wear this high-heeled shoes, you should move back and forth to relax yourselves and then remember this feeling.

12. The most important point for you is to choose a pair of high quality high-heeled shoes, so you can wear them happily.

If you remember those tips and follow them, I think you will be more elegant and graceful when you wear a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.

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