Famous Stars Teach You How To Dress Up With Famous Brand Tiffany Jewelry

Published: 15th July 2010
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It's said that jewelry are the best friends of a woman.It's a perfect life of a woman if she has at least one piece of famous brand Tiffany jewelry. Then are you a perfect girl? If you like to know some fashion information about the famous brand Tiffany and learn some tips on how to dress up and keep your jewelry, this is a good opportunity. The international famous jewelry brand Tiffany & Co has invited international supermodels Sasha Pivovarova态Lily Donaldson and Shalom Harlow to deduct the newest advertisement of Tiffany jewelry together.They have perfectly showed the different styles of luscious,intellectuality,callous and so on.

Sasha Pivovarova deducts the newest advertisement of Tiffany jewelry

Sasha who is called " Prada Girl" by people amiably has formally endorsed American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. Sasha Pivovarova has a pure and innocent temperament and unforgetable attracts.She uses her beautiful eyes to look at you and captures you heart. Having the dream general breath makes you involuntary attract by her.Her unique temperament will integrate smoothly into Tiffany.

Lily Donaldson deducts the newest advertisement of Tiffany jewelry

Lily Donaldsonis is the most popular models on T-stage in the world. She has a mopish temperament. So there is no doubt that she will be chosen by Tiffany & Co.

Lily Donaldson deducts the newest advertisement of Tiffany jewelry

As a design symbol of United States, Tiffany is popular all over the world for its theme of love and beauty, romance and dream for nearly two centuries.It's so elegant and graceful that it fully meet the imaginations and demands of all fashion women. the creative essence and ideas of Tiffany show the rich American features: simple, clear-cut lines perfectly show the graceful and elegant temperament of a woman.

Tiffany & Co. has been founded in 1837,it's famous for silver tableware at first. It has been more famous for the silver 925 ornaments in 1851. In 1950 Hollywood renowned star Orde Li Hofn has been famous for her maiden work "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Those famous stars will tell you how to dress up yourself. Everyone is unique, so Tiffany jewelry are. Different person match different style jewelry, only in this way can Tiffany jewelry perfectly show their unique charms and attracts. There are some tips for you. The first thing you should remember is that don't wear too many fashion accessories at one time. It's very common that a woman wear too many fashion jewelry such as necklace,earrings,bracelet,ring, even cufflink at one time.It's bad to your image and gives people a feeling of lacking taste and refinement. The second,the jewelry you wear must match each other well.You should remember that you'd better to wear popular fashion jewelry at appropriate seasons. You can wear some chic and exquisite jewelry in spring and summer. You can wear elegant and graceful jewelry in autumn and winter.If you keep this in your mind and match the proper clothes,I'm sure you will be a fashion elite. The third, don't use fashion jewelry to stand out the less beautiful part of your body.If you keep those tips in your mind,I believe you will be the focus!Don't be shy,it's time for you to show yourself.

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